Meet Misty and her young children Hailey and Jacob.

Misty has been anxious about instability and uncertainty and fears homelessness after needing to move when the multi-family development their apartment was part of was sold.  All she wants is a safe, decent, stable and affordable place where she and her children can be at home.

They are currently in a small and expensive rental where she shares a room with her toddler son. The fourth floor unit is sparsely furnished and there is some drug and alcohol use in the hallways. This is obviously not a good situation for a single mom and two young children. 

Misty has a stable income and her employer of 4-years says she is “tireless in her attempts to better her life and those around her. She has a heart of gold that always steers her to what is right.”

And what is right is that she was chosen as a future Habitat homeowner. Misty has been enthusiastically working her sweat-equity hours and anticipates that she will exceed her requirements!

But Misty and her family need your help!

Your gift today, could provide the nails and the wood needed to finish their home so that Misty, Hailey and Jacob can move into a safe and decent place to live.  Won’t you help today?

Building strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter.