August 28, 2021  WCVB5

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A Habitat for Humanity affiliate in Massachusetts has stepped up to help a disabled U.S. Navy veteran who could no longer take care of his home.

Vincent Gunning, a Lynn native, was stationed on the USS Midway aircraft during the Vietnam War.

Gunning has relied on a prosthetic leg for nearly 20 years after losing it to an infection in 2002, so the Essex County Habitat for Humanity and its many partners are working to fully refurbish his house.

“Mr. Gunning has been doing the best that he can, but the home is in difficult shape right now and he hasn’t been able to keep up with things,” said Meegan O’Neil, executive director of the Essex County Habitat for Humanity.

The work will be extensive, as the home will be getting a new roof, floors, rooms and windows. It will cost an estimated $250,000 to get the house to a place where Gunning can live in relative comfort.

“With a bathroom downstairs, that will make a big difference because I’ve been upstairs. My bedroom is upstairs,” Gunning said. “I think they’re going to make a bedroom downstairs, too.”