Continue on below to see what items we are currently accepting for donations.

We accept donations of select new and used merchandise in excellent condition. When the items you donate to the ReStore are sold, the money helps Essex County families achieve the strength, stability, and independence they need to build a better future.  Items we may accept:


Must be 10 years old or less, clean and in good working condition (dishwashers less than 5 years) Fixtures (toilets, showers, water-heaters, boilers) must be new and in unused condition.  Check for appliance age: Appliance 411


We accept both kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Cabinets must be  in excellent condition, with no rotted wood, broken glass, peeling paint or missing/removed doors and hardware. 

Building Supplies

Building materials and tools must be in excellent working condition.  Flooring must be unused and have a minimum of 200 sq. ft. 

Select Hard Furniture

Must be complete and free of significant stains, scratches cracks, peeling or excessive wear.

Select Upholstered Furniture *

Must be in excellent condition, and free of smells, stains, tears, excessive wear, and animal smells or damage.  

* Peabody only


Select lighting must be complete, in working order and in excellent condition.  Small appliances, sporting goods and artwork must be in excellent condition.

Items we do not accept.

Regulations, safety, and saleability mean we can’t accept every donation and some of the most common are below.  This list changes frequently and we reserve the right to refuse any item at any time

Select Furniture

Incomplete bed frames
Chairless dining tables
Entertainment centers
Futon frames
Sleeper sofas
Box springs
Pianos and organs

Select Home Goods

CD’s, DVD’s, LP’s
Clothing and Shoes
Ceiling fans
Pots and Pans
Loose silverware
Misc. glassware

Hazardous Material

Paint, Stain
Fluorescent lights

Building Supplies

Fluorescent fixtures
Stone countertops
Single tiles
Single pane windows
Used water heaters
Used dishwashers
Window screens
We offer multiple ways to donate to us: