Richard (Dick) Sumberg, Founder at The Financial Advisors LLC in Andover, MA, received Honorable Mention in the 15th Annual Invest in Others Awards for his philanthropic contributions to Essex County Habitat for Humanity. Dick is pictured above next to his wife, Lolly.

The Invest in Others Charitable Foundation established its awards program to recognize the charitable work of financial advisors in communities across the country and around the world.

Financial advisors are nominated for actively giving back to nonprofits to improve their communities and make a difference in the lives of others. Hundreds of inspirational nominations for the Invest in Others Awards were received this year and reviewed by a diverse panel of leaders in the financial services industry. Those earning Honorable Mention were selected based on their leadership, dedication, contribution, inspiration, and impact on a nonprofit and the community it serves.

Dick typically spends fifteen to twenty hours a month involved with Habitat board leadership. He has been Board President for the past ten years, and the board unanimously voted last year to amend the by-laws to support Dick’s leadership for another term. He chairs the Executive Committee and is an active member of the Development Committee and the Governance Committee.


Dick Sumberg (left) pictured alongside fellow Board Member Stuart Johnson.

Dick has a commitment to building a stronger, sustainable organization. Last year he led the merger process for Merrimack Valley Habitat for Humanity and North Shore Habitat for Humanity, culminating in the merger and formation of Essex County Habitat for Humanity in November 2020, mid-pandemic. Five years ago, he was instrumental in establishing the Endowment Fund, which now has $250,000 in assets and a planned giving program that will grow to support the organization far into the future.

Dick Sumberg (right) pictured here along with other Volunteers at Big Build in Romania in 2019

Dick is willing to get involved at all levels of the organization. Recently, he tackled a project involving a review of 30 years’ worth of dusty mortgage documents, organizing those for future sale to a banking partner. Dick willingly jumps into a construction site, as much as a board room, swinging a hammer as he helps build homes for families in need. In 2015, his firm, The Financial Advisors, sponsored a Habitat home. Not only did they provide the financial support for the project, but Dick brought his employees and clients to volunteer weekly on the home. Additionally, over the past five years, Dick has co-led local Habitat groups on international Habitat projects in Romania and the Dominican Republic.

One of Dick’s greatest assets to our organization is his willingness to leverage his vast network for Habitat’s benefit. Whether we are looking for a real estate appraiser or an environmental law attorney, and a roofer or a contact to a corporate CEO, Dick always “knows a guy” who is willing to help. Far beyond what most board members will do, Dick is consistently willing to reach out to those in his circle, both close friends and professional acquaintances from decades ago, to ask people to get involved with Habitat. He willingly invites involvement of donors, volunteers, and pro bono experts – with a fearless commitment to the mission.

The Invest in Others Awards will be presented on September 22nd in Boston in the following categories: Catalyst, Community Service, Volunteer of the Year, and Lifetime Achievement.