Non-Construction Volunteers

Non-construction volunteers are regularly needed to support our mission.

There are many ways to volunteer with Essex County Habitat that don’t involve building:

  • Work behind the scenes in the office
  • Donate your talent and expertise in an area such as real estate closings, site surveys, and other professional capacities that are an important component of our mission
  • Join one of our standing committees to assist us in executing our mission

Below is a list of some of the non-construction and professional volunteer opportunities that exist. If you are looking for volunteer work, we welcome any level of contribution.

Pro bono Professional Services
  • Provide legal expertise to vet closing documentations
  • Provide legal expertise to conduct real estate closings on behalf of our family partners
  • Develop architectural plans for a build
  • Support a build with sub-contracting professional services
Local Steering Committees
  • Advocate locally for Habitat’s efforts to provide affordable housing
  • Help fundraise to support the upcoming project(s)
  • Engage community members and organizations as volunteers
  • Facilitate connections with local officials and resources
  • Secure in-kind gifts, pro bono experts (attorneys, engineers, etc), and volunteer licensed tradespeople
Development and Special Events Committee
  • Develop a variety of fundraising projects to support all building expenses
  • Coordinate fundraising programs
  • Help to nurture long term relationships with contributors
  • Assist in preparation of fundraising mailings
  • Coordinate special events
  • Take pictures of work site projects, dedication ceremonies, ground breaking, etc.
Site Selection Committee
  • Work with town offices to research and secure property
  • Provide technical council for determining site building feasibility
  • Provide legal counsel for acquiring properties
  • Monitor local papers for announcements of public real estate auctions
  • Talk to local realtors, banks, and developers about possible properties
Family Selection Committee
  • When homes become available publicize the application process in the community
  • Organize and attend the family informational meeting for interested families
  • Review and process all applications
  • Conduct applicant home visits
  • Prepare homeowner recommendations for Board of Directors
  • Attend special meeting to select family
Advocacy and Marketing Committee
  • Support the overall marketing efforts for the affiliate
  • Develop and work a plan to achieve strategic goals, both short and long term
  • Support marketing efforts at community events
  • Develop, nurture and sustain relationships with new and current media outlets
  • Help identify marketing opportunities
  • Help with social media / website / blog / press releases / marketing collateral

How to Learn More

Email the Volunteer Coordinator for more information or call 978-681-8858 for more information.