Nickels for Nails

The House that Youth Built

Make a difference through Nickels for Nails. Donate your extra nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollars to make a life-altering difference for one deserving Habitat family. Help be part of an effort to raise enough funds to build a home for a local family – the House that Youth Built!

Teachers, Youth Group Coordinators, and students who sign up will receive everything they need — from coin collection containers to publicity, along with a how-to guide about starting a successful fund-drive. Teachers can also download curriculum plans to educate their students about how everyone can help alleviate the growing housing crisis.

The group that raises the most funds during the annual drive is eligible to win a prize and be highlighted on our website and in our newsletter.

All youth and children participating in Nickels for Nails are invited to meet the partner Habitat family and attend the groundbreaking and housewarming celebrations. For more information contact

Habitat for Humanity Nickels for Nails