Misty, single mother of two children, Hailey (10) and Jacob (2) is delighted to be partnering with Habitat in order to build their own home. Misty and her children had to move following the sale of multi-family development, of which their apartment is a part. Due to the nature of rental properties, Misty anticipates instability and uncertainty and fears homelessness. All she wants is a safe, decent, stable, and affordable place where she and her children can be at home.

The family is currently in an expensive and small rental, where she shares a room with her infant son. The rental, a sparsely-furnished apartment on the fourth floor in a large multi-family complex in Seabrook is a safety concern for Misty. She say’s “it’s not the best. There is some drug and alcohol use in the hallways” which is obviously not the best situation for a single mom and two young children.

Misty has worked with her current employer for four years and has a stable income. Her employer wrote a great recommendation letter for her, telling us that she is “tireless in her attempts to better her life and those around her. She has a heart of gold that always steers her to what is right”.

Misty anticipates that she will exceed her sweat-equity requirements. Our family selection committee found her to be very motivated, competent, and enthusiastic. She has the support of family and friends and we believe that she will be a successful Habitat homeowner. We are happy to work alongside Misty on a home that will contribute to stability and safety for her family.


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