Meet Maribel and her kids Adelina and Sebastian.

Before Maribel moved to the U.S., she was a dentist in the Dominican Republic. Now she works shifts that are 10 hours or more and often overnight as a personal home care assistant.

The family lives on the top floor of a triple decker in Lawrence, paying a high rent for a 2-bedroom apartment. Maribel shares one bedroom with her daughter and Sebastian sleeps in the other – even though there is no heat in the room.

They aren’t allowed to us the backyard or patio and are always very careful to be considerate of the elderly couple living below them.

Maribel’s colleague describes her as a very reliable hard worker with strong principles.  

Those traits have proved to be valuable as Maribel works her sweat-equity hours alongside teams of volunteers, as she helps to build her future Habitat home. 

But she needs your help!

Your gift today, will enable us to finish this home so that Maribel, Adelina and Sebastian can move in as soon a possible! Won’t you help today?

Everyone deserves a decent place to live..