Meet Francois, Alice and their children Isaac, Jemima, Grace and Dan.

Francois and Alice and their family arrived in the US from the Congo in waves. They settled in Roxbury and Dorchester until they could all move out of the city and into an apartment together. However, they had to change jobs to do so, resulting in lower pay at their new manufacturing and grocery store positions. For the last year and a half, the family of six has been living together in an over-crowded apartment.

At his new job, Francois became friendly with Serge, a current Habitat homeowner, who recommended he apply for a Habitat home. When Francois and Alice realized that their rent was higher than what they would pay for a mortgage to own their own home, they quickly filled out an application.

They have now been approved to become Habitat homeowners, but the family needs your help!

Your gift today, will enable Francois and oldest son Dan, who will work their sweat-equity hours every Saturday at the build site, to finish and move into their new home next year. Time is almost out to give in this calendar year. If you plan to take advantage of charitable giving in your tax returns, please donate today! 

Everyone needs a foundation to build a future.