January 5, 2024 Hamilton-Wenham Patch

HAMILTON, MA — Timmy Becker, a senior at Hamilton Wenham High School, said he doesn’t think college is necessarily for him.

He wants to work outside and loves being hands-on, so is planning on attending a trade school to learn construction when he graduates high school. When his Fabrication Technology class in the Engineering Technology program arranged a volunteer day at the Essex County Habitat for Humanity build site on Asbury Street in Hamilton, Timmy liked it so much that he approached his guidance counselor, Erin Jordan, to ask if they could turn helping there into an internship.

Together, with permission from the principal and his teachers, they arranged a “work” schedule so he wouldn’t miss his core classes by alternating days he attends the Habitat work site. He hopes this real-life experience will help him get a construction apprenticeship so that he can work during the day and go to trade school at night next fall.

“We rely on volunteers to build our affordable homes,” explains Josh Diehn, a Construction Supervisor with Habitat, “so we are happy to have Timmy here regularly. He’s a great kid and a fast learner. Our mission is all about helping people improve their futures, and helping Timmy prepare for his fits right in with that.”

“I figured it would be good job site experience and give me skills that I can translate into work but also into everyday life. So I was really eager to do it. It’s really fun!” Becker said.

In addition to this internship, Becker is doing an independent study and will be a teaching assistant in a class next semester. Creating the internship with Habitat is just one more way that this hardworking student is forging his own path for a successful future.