Oct 4, 2023 – Salem News
Essex County Habitat for Humanity’s Critical Home Repair/Aging in Place program helps low-income homeowners continue to live independently and securely in their homes. By using volunteers, donated construction materials and flexible payment terms these repairs become affordable. The projects usually take a week and the homeowner is usually able to stay home while the work is done. Typical projects might include wheelchair ramps, restoring rotting subfloors, replaced rickety stairs, roof replacement, weatherization and energy efficiency. Habitat staff inspects home disrepair and determines financial qualifications (total household income must be at or under 60% of area median income – up to $58,000 or $71,000 for two people depending on the location). Homeowner must, if able bodied, contribute sweat equity hours , and the home must be owner occupied within Essex County. To learn more, visit: